A Boeing 747 that will never fly again

Boeing 747 overran the runway

Yesterday, breaking news erupted of a SkyLease Cargo 747-412(F) registered N908AR overran the runway upon landing in Halifax. The aircraft left Chicago earlier with flight number GG-4854.

Reports suggest that the aircraft struggled to slow down on the runway due to poor weather, sleet and snow on the runway. Unbelievably, the aircraft not only didn’t manage to slow down on the 7,700ft runway but continued on another 656ft before eventually coming to a stop.

What damage was caused?

Unsurprisingly, the aircraft suffered substantial damage. The damage includes:

  • Landing gear shredded off
  • Engine #2 was separated from the aircraft
  • Engine #3 was also separated from the aircraft
  • Engine #1 was severely damaged
  • Engine #4 suffered heavy damage
  • Fuselage split in two

Thankfully none of the 4 onboard suffered any injury.


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