British Airways to increase Inverness route

BA reinstated the Inverness route back in 2016


Back on 3rd May 2016, BA launches its service back to Inverness. Michael and I flew down to London especially for the inaugural flight. BA first introduced this service with a once daily morning flight from LHR – INV and then straight back. 2018 saw the introduction of a second daily flight on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. BA has now shown even more interest in Inverness and has now pledged to increase frequency to double daily flights, every day.


Double daily, triple at the weekend


BA are now increasing flights again to double daily. Not only that, but they’ll have 3 flights per day at the weekend. This means that for the first time since 2016, BA will have an aircraft parked over night at Inverness Airport.

From March 31, 2019 Inverness airport will see the summer schedule increase from 10 flights to 16. The winter schedule will see and increase from 7 to 14 flights with double daily flights starting from October 27, 2019.

Flights times have also been adjusted to allow better connections times at Heathrow. Fares start from £115 in Club Europe and £34 in Euro Traveller. Of course Avios availability will be wide open on the new routes.

Fantastic news for the highlands


Not only is this amazing for Michael and I since we now have more choice flying to London, but it’s also incredible for the Highlands. With Inverness being except from Air Passenger Duty, I’m sure we will see an even bigger uptake of the route.

Thank you BA for investing in the Highlands and making travel to the capital even easier and more frequent.


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