Owning my first was drone more than I expected. The story…



Sat inside the Aspire Lounge at Inverness Airport with our DJI Mavic Pro 2


So it begins with my obsession for drones. They scare me because of all the horror stories you hear about and how difficult they are to pilot, not to mention the price and all the different options. So I’ve been waiting for the right time… 


How it came about…


So it was just your typical Matt and Mike day. We were en route home catching a late flight from London Gatwick. I was getting stressed about unpacking because this means it’s the end of another journey. Let’s be honest though, unpacking is a pain no matter what the situation is.

We got home and Matthew opened the bedroom door, all I see are boxes stacked up in front of the wardrobe and we are talking maybe 5 or 6 boxes (By the way Matthew quickly pushed me out of the room, he must have forgotten they would be there.)

He told to unpack in the spare room, but then he calls me through not 1 minute later. (he was clearly too excited to wait) and he asks me to open the box. By this point I am so excited I start to carelessly unbox the biggest box which he gave me first and he had to stop me to tell me to do it a certain way, almost doing it for me.

Carefully, I continue opening the box not having a clue what to expect and I made sure my hopes weren’t high so that I wasn’t disappointed. I successfully cut down the middle of the brown tape and open the box where I’m greeted with protection paper, however, the paper wasn’t completely covering what was inside so I see this exposed part of the box and in small print, it reads ‘DJI Mavic 2 Pro’.


I couldn’t hold back the tears!


Matthew gave me a massive hug, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I have waited so long and finally, right in front of me, I had my own, I could touch it, I could see it!

I proceeded to take the drone out of the box only to find sitting comfortably next to it the fly more kit! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. DREAMS DO COME TRUE! So I guess I’m left with no more excuses to wait for the right time. I don’t think there could be a better time than now.

I started opening it while sat next to him and couldn’t help but feel like my 7-year-old self when I opened my first scaletrix. (James Bond 007 Die Another Day). I started with the fly more kit because Matthew told me to open the drone last since it’s the main event. After digging in and then opening the drone itself I was overwhelmed.

I was working for the next 2 days and had no time to set it up or start preparing myself. On the second night, I charged the battery and downloaded the app. But that was it. I wanted to wait until we were away again (the next day) where I would set it up and fly it for the first time in London, thinking the wait will be worth. I was so excited, I almost said to myself can this plane go any faster, ALMOST!

Matthews cousin needed my IT skills for an old Mac of hers so we got picked up and were on the way to her house. We had a chat a catch-up and ate dinner, but before I started with the computer I couldn’t resist and had to start setting up the drone. I took it out to the garden thinking “this is going to be easy, it will fly no problem”. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong since I was immediately met with various issues.


Why is it not easy??


The first problem, I needed to be on WiFi to download an app and because it was over 150MB apple required me to connect to WiFi. This took a good 10 minutes to connect to since we didn’t know the password and Matthews cousin was trying to shout the password from the balcony but I eventually got up and running. Once I had downloaded the app, I was then told I needed to update the drone so I had to go back inside because the connection was so poor outside, by this time it was getting dark and I was stressed. I didn’t want to fly the drone for the first time in the dark. Eventually, everything was updated so we went back outside where the drone was placed on a slab of wood for take-off.


Having hit what I assumed was the button to fly I was made to slide across the screen as if I was unlocking my phone, to which the drone immediately roared to life and took off coming to a hover right beside me.



Right after the first ever take off



I decided to start small, only doing small gentle maneuvers allowing me to get used to the controls. By this time it was dark, so after working out how to land the drone back on the ‘landing pad’ we packed up and went inside, went back to the hotel and got ourselves checked in.


I couldn’t sleep!  


All I wanted to do was fly the drone! The only thing that could help tire me out was research and my goodness did I find out allot I was not expecting. I should mention I have done research already but I advise doing as much as possible because there is so much to learn.

First of all, pretty much all of central and west London are no-fly zones so it was just my luck Matthews cousin had private land otherwise I would have potentially been fined. Then I found out about the laws regarding drone usage and how it can’t be within 50ft of any person or animal, it can’t be operated in a congested area or any of the royal parks within London.

Safe to say this put a downer on this trip, as it looked like I couldn’t fly anywhere. But on the bright side, Scotland is pretty much free to fly anywhere so I’m actually looking forward to going home for once. In the meantime, however, I will try and find areas within tube or bus distance, to at least fly a little bit.

None the less I am extremely grateful for this wonderful gift and I am forever grateful for my wonderful man. 



If you have any suggestions or know where I can fly restriction free, please let me know in the comments…


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