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We all know and love the company Google, I mean what would we do without the Internet giant? Google has turned their hand to travel and have turned themselves into the holy grail of travel must-have apps.


Google Flights


If you haven’t used Google Flights, where have you been? 8 years ago, Google changed the aviation industry when they acquired the ITA Matrix Software which they then used to launch Google Flights.



Wanting to book a flight from the UK to the USA but not knowing the best or cheapest route? You don’t have time to search through all those comparison sites and you definitely don’t want any layovers? Google flights has you covered.

All you have to do now is enter your origin, your destination and the dates you want to travel. Google flights will then bring up the cheapest flights for the dates you selected flying from, let’s just say London Heathrow for this example to San Francisco. That is not all – google flights will search not only for the dates you entered but dates either side for the outbound and the return and will prompt you if another date is cheaper allowing you to save even more money. That still isn’t all! You can search Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class & First Class. You can search which alliance you want (One World, Star Alliance or Sky Team). You can even put ‘UK’ and google flights will work. out which airport is cheapest to fly out from.

Not only will google photos save you so much time, but it will save you so much money. If you are flexible on dates, planning well in advance or even last minute – google flights has you covered. Simply book from google flights (it will tell you which website is cheapest to book from) and then all you need to do is fly.


Google Maps


You’re going away, somewhere you haven’t been before, worried about not having internet access or even getting lost? Again, Google has us covered. We have all used Google Maps before but did you know you can now download cities/areas so you have access to them while offline? Traveling to Prague? No problem – just download Prague on Google Maps and view offline. No data charges, no stress, no getting lost.


Google Photos


Us travelers love to take photos and stress about backups. iCloud has us sorted but, you’ve guessed it, Google does as well. Google Photos will back up all the photos on your phone, laptop or tablet onto Google Photos for free. You get unlimited storage without having to pay a single penny. Google Photos will also suggest edits, fix lighting, create albums and create animations with the photos you upload all while storing the location of the photo. These can be accessed from any computer in the world simply by logging into your google account.


Google has really stepped it up in recent years helping us travelers by having everything covered. They really do have a service for everything.


Do you use Google Flights/Photos/Maps? Lets us know in the comments…


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